Lash Services

Full Lash Set Application

Lash extensions offer a glamorous enhancement to your natural lashes, meticulously applied to achieve a fuller, longer, and more voluminous look. With customized lengths and styles, they provide a stunning, low-maintenance solution for effortlessly beautiful eyes.


Classic Set 99
Hybrid Set 135

Lash Fill (2-week Limit)

Ensure the longevity and impeccable appearance of your lash extensions with regular fills scheduled every two weeks. This essential maintenance service optimizes the retention and volume of your lashes, offering a cost-effective solution while upholding the highest standards of lash care. Please note that adherence to the recommended two-week interval is crucial for optimal results, as longer durations may necessitate a full set application based on individual lash maintenance.


Classic Set 55
Hybrid Set 65

Patch Test (Deposit)

A Patch test is utilized for guests who may have sensitive eyes and would like to see how their eyes react to the lash extensions. Your cost, the deposit, will then be utilized towards a full set of application


Application of Strip Lashes

Experience the meticulous application of strip lashes, where our skilled technicians expertly adhere premium-quality lashes to enhance your natural beauty. With precision and care, we tailor the application to your eye shape and desired look, ensuring a flawless and comfortable fit for a stunning, temporary enhancement.