Meet our Team

We believe everyone is born with their own unique beauty, and we are here to help you become the best version of YOU. Our talented service providers pride themselves in delivering personalized, attentive care in everything that they do.


Owner / Stylist / Manicurist
Experience: 47 yrs

Meet Dawn, the dynamic force behind the salon, boasting 47 years of experience in styling and manicuring.  Dawn's passion lies in color, cuts and styles, particularly short cuts that radiate confidence. 

Outside the salon: Dawn enjoys swimming, cheering on her beloved Packers and indulging in sports spectating.   She finds joy in singing, crocheting and exploring warm destinations, all while embracing the thrill of shopping adventures.  With her boundless energy and zest for life, Dawn continues to inspire both in her salon and in her vibrant personal pursuits


Hair Stylist & Nail Technician
Experience: 36yrs

Meet Lisa, a versatile professional with 36 years of experience, skilled in both hair styling and nail care. Lisa's favorite aspect of her work is the opportunity to interact with people and make them feel good, fostering connections and spreading positivity with each appointment.

Outside of the salon: Lisa enjoys immersing herself in nature through camping trips, finding peace and adventure in the great outdoors. She also indulges her creative side with fun sewing projects and crafting endeavors, where she channels her passion into creating beautiful and unique pieces. With her warm demeanor and creative flair, Lisa brings joy to both her clients and her personal hobbies, enriching the lives of those around her.


Administrative Assistant, Media Manager, Wedding Coordinator
Experience: 10yrs

Meet Stephanie, a versatile professional with 10 years of customer service experience, excelling in roles as Administrative Assistant, Media Manager, and Wedding Coordinator. Stephanie thrives in her support role at the salon, finding fulfillment in assisting clients with everything from simple haircuts to special occasions like weddings. Her passion for social media and marketing drives her to continuously grow and evolve her skills, contributing to the salon's success and visibility.

Outside the salon: Stephanie is a devoted mother to a beautiful daughter, finding immense joy in watching her explore the world. Stephanie's love for the outdoors is evident in her fondness for kayaking, boating, and fishing, activities she enjoys with her daughter by her side. With her warm heart and dedication to her roles, Stephanie plays a vital role in uplifting both her team and the salon's clientele, ensuring everyone feels and looks their best.


Hair Stylist
Experience: 38yrs

Meet Denise, a seasoned Hair Stylist with an impressive 38 years of experience, who sees her profession as a license to touch people, believing that when you look good, you feel good. Denise's passion lies in the transformative power of her work, enhancing her clients' confidence and well-being through skilled hairstyling.

Outside the salon: Denise finds joy in spending quality time with her two grandsons, cherishing every moment with her family. She also enjoys escaping to nature up north with friends and family, where she indulges in hunting, fishing, and relaxation, embracing the simple pleasures of life. With her caring touch and love for both her profession and her loved ones, Denise continues to leave a lasting impact on those she encounters, both professionally and personally.


Hair Stylist
Experience: 41yrs

Meet Tamara, affectionately known as Tammy, a seasoned Hair Stylist with 41 years of experience, renowned for her expertise in haircuts, color, wedding/specialty styles, and perms. Tammy's passion lies in creating stunning transformations for her clients, whether it's through a fresh haircut, vibrant color, or elegant wedding style.

Outside the salon: Tammy's heart belongs to her loved ones. She's deeply passionate about people and finds fulfillment in being there for her family and friends whenever they need her support. With her warm and caring nature, Tammy continues to make a positive impact on those around her, both in and out of the salon.


Hair Stylist
Experience: 40yrs

Meet Linda, a seasoned Hair Stylist with an impressive 40 years of experience, renowned for her expertise in creating bold transformations. Linda's passion lies in the joy she brings to her clients' lives, evident in the radiant smiles she elicits as they leave her chair, feeling confident and rejuvenated.

Outside of the salon: Linda finds fulfillment in spending time with her cherished family and embarking on adventures to new destinations, where she delights in experiencing the wonders of the world. An avid animal lover, Linda's heart melts when her guests bring their furry companions to visit her, adding an extra touch of joy to her days. With her wealth of experience, warm demeanor, and love for life's simple pleasures, Linda continues to inspire and uplift all who have the pleasure of crossing her path.


Hair Stylist
Experience: 41yrs

Meet Diane, a seasoned Hair Stylist with an impressive 41 years of experience, whose passion lies in the satisfaction of a job well done. Diane finds immense joy in the art of hair cutting and coloring, knowing that she has the power to make someone look and feel great.

Outside the salon: Diane enjoys spending quality time with her kids and beloved dog, cherishing every moment together. She finds solace in walks with her dog, and relaxation in activities like swimming, biking, and curling up with a good book. Diane also enjoys the simple pleasures of going to movies and listening to music, finding inspiration and joy in the arts. With her dedication to her craft and her love for life's simple pleasures, Diane continues to bring happiness to both her clients and her personal pursuits.


Stylist, Lash Technician, Pedicurist, Body Wrap Specialist
Experience: 15yrs


Meet Kelly, a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience, skilled in a variety of beauty services including styling, lash extensions, pedicures, and body wraps. Kelly's passion for her craft is evident in her dedication to staying current with trends, attending classes, researching online, and exploring new techniques, with a particular fondness for creating stunning updos.

Outside of the salon: Kelly embodies a fun-loving and caring spirit, finding joy in laughter and spending quality time with her family. She treasures moments of relaxation and self-care, often indulging in diamond gem art as a creative outlet. With her vibrant personality and commitment to excellence, Kelly brings positivity and enthusiasm to both her clients and her personal pursuits.


 Nail Technician and Hair Stylist
Experience: 13yrs

Meet Ashley, a seasoned Nail Technician and Hair Stylist with a flair for creativity honed over 13 years of experience. Her favorite part of the job? Unleashing her creativity by crafting innovative color combinations for both hair and nails, ensuring each client leaves feeling uniquely beautiful.

Outside the salon: Ashley embodies a multifaceted persona. She's a dedicated mom, a passionate bookworm, and an avid pet lover, finding joy in nurturing both her family and her literary passions. With an artistic flair, Ashley enjoys expressing herself through various mediums and finds relaxation in both video games and fishing, showcasing her diverse interests and vibrant personality.



Nail Technician and Hair Stylist
Experience: 7yrs

Meet Ashlynn, a talented Nail Technician and Hair Stylist with 7 years of experience, whose passion lies in the transformative power of even the smallest changes. Ashlynn finds joy in making people feel good about themselves through her work, whether it's a stunning new hairstyle or a flawless manicure.


Outside the salon: Beyond her professional endeavors, Ashlynn is a devoted dog lover who cherishes spending time with her two furry companions. Family holds a special place in her heart, and she values every moment shared with loved ones. Ashlynn's commitment to both her craft and her relationships shines through in her warm and compassionate approach, making her a beloved member of both her salon team and her personal circle.


Experience: 4 yrs

Meet Crystal, a talented Stylist with 4 years of experience, who finds joy in creating unique hair color combinations and providing valuable advice on at-home care and product knowledge during consultations. Crystal also has a knack for special occasion makeup, adding an extra touch of glamour to her clients' looks.

Outside the salon: Crystal's passion for the outdoors shines through in her love for gardening, where she finds solace and fulfillment amidst nature's beauty. She's also a devoted cat lover, cherishing the companionship of her feline friends. Family holds a special place in Crystal's heart, and she treasures spending quality time with her loved ones. With her creative flair, caring nature, and dedication to her craft, Crystal continues to leave a lasting impression on her clients and enrich the lives of those around her.


Stylist and Nail Technician
Experience: 3yrs

Meet Sammie, a talented stylist and nail technician with 3 years of experience, whose passion lies in making people feel good about themselves. Sammie revels in the creative freedom her job provides, allowing her to infuse fun and creativity into her work while meeting a diverse range of individuals.

Outside of the salon: Sammie enjoys the tranquility of reading and the thrill of kayaking, finding solace and adventure in both activities. With her compassionate nature and love for both artistic expression and outdoor pursuits, Sammie brings warmth and joy to both her clients and her personal interests.


Esthetician/Wax specialist
Experience: 11yrs

Meet Amanda, an experienced Massage Therapist and Esthetician with 11 years of expertise, who finds fulfillment in witnessing the transformative impact her energy and skills have on her client's physical and mental well-being. Beyond her therapeutic practice, Amanda leads a dynamic life, indulging in various hobbies that reflect her diverse interests.

Outside the salon: Amanda's passions extend from the virtual world of gaming to the serenity of gardening, from the artistry of cooking and baking to the thrill of hunting and fishing. She also finds fascination in rock hounding and bone collecting, using her finds to create captivating works of art. With her eclectic interests and compassionate spirit, Amanda continues to enrich the lives of those around her, both through her healing touch and her vibrant personal pursuits.


Front Desk Representative

Meet Bernie, the welcoming face of Oasis as a Front Desk Representative, where her favorite part of the job is forming connections with guests, fostering friendships, and creating a sense of family within the establishment. After briefly attempting retirement at 70, Bernie realized her love for interacting with people and found her calling at Oasis.


Outside the salon: Alongside her role, Bernie cherishes her role as a parent to three grown children, grandmother to eight, and great-grandmother to three. Outside of work and family, Bernie stays active in her community through her church choir and Sunday school teachings, while also finding time for leisure with her book club and regular meetups with high school friends. An avid traveler, Bernie's zest for life and genuine warmth shines through in every interaction, making her an invaluable member of the Oasis team.


Licensed Aesthetician, Front Desk Receptionist
Experience: 18yrs

Meet Colleen, an accomplished Licensed Aesthetician with 18 years of expertise, specializing in Volume Lash Extensions, henna brow tinting, and makeup application. Colleen's passion lies in empowering her clients, making them feel confident and beautiful through her skilled hands, whether it's enhancing their lashes, brows, or makeup, or providing personalized skincare recommendations for daily use.  In addition to her aesthetician role, Colleen also serves as a Front Desk Receptionist, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional customer service in the salon.

Outside the salon: Beyond her professional pursuits, Colleen cherishes her role as a mother to twin sons who have now embarked on their own journeys. She finds solace and joy in visiting them, while at home, she's kept busy by her lively household, including her beagle, cat, and husband. With her nurturing nature and dedication to her craft, Colleen continues to leave a lasting impression on her clients, both in and out of the salon.


Front Desk Receptionist & Lash Technician
Experience: 4 yrs customer service / 5 mo lash artistry

Meet Alyssa, a vibrant personality at the front desk and behind the lash bar, boasting 4 years of customer service expertise and 5 months of lash artistry experience. Alyssa's favorite part of her work is connecting with clients, enjoying conversations and building relationships while enhancing their beauty.

Outside the salon: Alyssa leads a fulfilling life filled with diverse interests. She finds relaxation and creativity in crocheting, expressing her love for music through singing, and cherishing quality time with friends, family, and pets. Alyssa's adventurous spirit shines through in her love for travel and willingness to try new experiences, adding excitement and enrichment to her life journey. With her warm personality and zest for life, Alyssa brings joy to both her workplace and her personal pursuits.




Experience: Newly Licensed